The Netherlands

Spacious Facilities


The BnB living room


A very spacious living room (55 sq mtrs) is available allowing a wheelchair to ride around conveniently.


A large flat screen TV, together with a traditional VHS video player and a DVD player can be used. The TV has 50 channels, and includes most European and several American TV stations, including CNN.


A small desk allows guests to use a laptop computer of their own, or one which is available at no extra charge. A free Internet connection is available to guests.


A recliner seat, an easy chair and a lounge couch around an antique coffee-table complete the seating area.




For having breakfast a round table with three easy chairs is placed next to the garden window.


The room is furnished with some classic Dutch furniture and has contemporary and modern art on the walls.


Windows are furnished with vertical shades and light curtains, giving the living room a pleasant and cosy (gezellig) feeling at night.


Some reading material is available on the bookshelf. For longer staying guests, specific books may be borrowed from the B&B owners .